Sunday, December 30, 2007

New Creations For 2008! & The Top 20 Competition Leaders at!

"Whew"...Christmas is over, and 2008 is just around the corner! I have lots of new beading ideas I will be exploring and selling in my Etsy Shop this new year! Polished wire wrapped gemstone pendants, more wire-wrapping pieces with copper and sterling silver, special birthstone necklaces...lots of new ideas that will become finished creations ready for purchase. So, please keep an eye on my Etsy Shop! Right now, I am one of the Top 20 Competition Leaders in two categories at! I am so excited! For the Earrings category, I am #12 AND # 16! For the Necklaces category, I am #13 AND #15! I hope we all have a wonderful and successful 2008!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!

I want to wish each and everyone a beautiful Christmas!
May you all enjoy in the celebration of Jesus' birth.
May God bless you with gentle kindness
and guide you with tender love,
show you the way of brightness
and fill your hearts with love!
Merry Christmas & God Bless!
"Brenda's Creations"

Friday, December 14, 2007

I've been Tagged by Kristy of Shiny Adornments!

Lets See....5 random things about me. Oh my...well, here goes!
  1. My favorite candy is "Skittles." I can eat a huge bag in one day! And...oh yeah, I have a cat named "Skittles" too.
  2. I am a list maker! I have to make a list of "to do's" for every day of the week. Without it, I am completely lost!
  3. I am a true blonde. No blonde jokes please...I've heard them all! lol! Although I am disguised as a dark burgany red for over a year now. It brings out my deep-set blue eyes and makes me look younger...shhh...don't tell my secret. :)
  4. If I have chocolate frosting in my house, I will sleepwalk in the middle of the night and eat at least half of it, then go right back to sleep. I know...totally wierd!
  5. Back in my partying days...long ago, I went to the same night-club quite frequently where every Thurday night, they would hold a "legs" contest, although it was really a "booty" contest. Well...someone dared me to do it, knowing that I never passed up a dare. Anyway, I actually went up on stage (with a few drinks in me) and hiked my skirt up and showed my legs! I didn't win (only cuz I wouldn't show my booty off) but it was fun and something off the wall, which I think everyone should do every once in a while. Life is too short not to!

Okay, there ya go! Now you know a little more about Brenda. And...I think you should know more things about the following wonderful and talented ladies I am about to tag.....hehehehe!