Saturday, April 21, 2012

Our new baby

Well....not exactly a real baby, but our newest baby (addition) to our family. Meet "Pretty Boy."
Isn't he beautiful! We adopted him from SCRAPS, (Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service) this past Wednesday. Currently he's in isolation because he has a cold, which is extremely contagious and we can't have our other 5 babies getting sick. By isolation, I mean our bathroom. This is his 3rd day and so good so far. I had to remove the curtains (actually, he did that) from the windows and all the candles and nik-naks that surround our jet tub. But it's all good. He's only got 8 more days before he finishes his medication, and hopefully (fingers crossed), his cold will be gone, he will feel much better, and we can let him have reign over the rest of the house.
Just look at that face! He's got the chubbiest cheeks! He's 4 years old, and we've been told he looks a lot like "Salem" from, "Sabrina The Teenage Witch." I will have to google that. lol
And those eyes! He loves being petted and played with and is SO smart. He loves to be talked to. He looks at us as if he is hanging on every word we say. He's such a cool cat!!
The adoption included a free exam from the vet, which required getting him neutered, vaccinated, nails trimmed and a chip put in him in case he ever gets lost. But that won't happen because he's going to become an inside cat, just like the rest of our babies. I'm sure he won't mind, since he spent the last few years surviving outside. What a strong cat to have made it through the cold winters in the Northwest. But no more. Only warmth and lots of love and care for him from now on. We're SO happy he's with us, and with all the loving on and purring he's been doing, we know he is too. Even though we chose to rescue him from the euthanasia list, we feel that HE is the one that picked us. :-)

"Welcome Home Pretty Boy!"

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Calling All Jewelry Makers

Do you make jewelry...and even more so, do you like jewelry design challenges? If you answered "YES!" or "Of Course!" or even "Duh!!", then I've got a sweet challenge for you! My friend, Crystal @ Bead Happily Ever After, has just announced her 3rd Bead Design Challenge. If you participated in her previous challenges, then you know how much fun it is, and if you're just joining in, you're in for a real treat! The prizes are fabulous and the perks are super cool too!

It doesn't matter how long you've been creating jewelry...if you're a beginner or a pro, all are invited to play. The more the merrier! Not only do you get a chance at winning a wonderful prize, but your design will be publicized and you get an awesome inspiring experience. Plus, you get to meet other artisans and see their beautiful work. You never could make a new friend....or two. ;-D

Take a chance and try something new this Spring and come join the fun! For all the design challenge details, check out Crystal's blog, "Bead Happily Ever After." Hope to see you there!