Thursday, March 28, 2013

I'm back!

It's been a very trying time for my family lately. It.still is, but I'm back least for a little while. I would love to share everything that's happened in the past month, but there are certain individuals that look/stalk my blog. It's really a shame too. It leaves me scratching my head wondering why they would want to know what I'm up to when they have clearly moved on with their "new" family. Oh well, what's a person to do...

Anyway, I came home to find out that I was the lucky winner of this awesome jewelry book from YaY!!! :D
"New Dimensions in Bead and Wire Jewelry"
I can't believe how fast it arrived in my mailbox! I absolutely love it!
It's so great to have won this book! The timing is perfect too, because I've been trying my hand at making wire rings. My first ring turned out really good, so I kept it for myself. I've got some great comments on it too. My Mom and sister are anxiously waiting for me to make one...or two for them. lol
 Here's a pair of earrings. I love how unique they are!
 Another pair of earrings. SO cute and dangly too!
This necklace is gorgeous! The photos are amazing, and the steps are very easy to follow.
A shot of the back of the book.
You can read more about this awesome book here. The author is Margot Potter. Check out her website for all of her fabulous books and products. If you're looking for jewelry inspiration, free ebooks, giveaways, and other DIY ideas, go to

"Have a beautiful day and thanks for reading."