Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My "Other" Shop

I've been working on my jewelry shop at a lot lately. My items needed some fine tuning, plus I'm moving some of my etsy shop pieces into it. I love the design of 1000markets! I had to update my items because not too long ago,they added a new cool function to the description part. It gives you a choice to add words for google search that are specifically just for that item. Love it!! You also have a choice to have "collections," which are like sections in an etsy shop, only better! I thought it would be cool to name my "collections" as if you were opening a real jewelry box. Kindof like a virtual jewelry box, where each collection is a specific drawer. Open the 1st drawer and find all my handmade bracelets, open the 2nd drawer and find earrings, and so on. Although I've named my collections for now, I'm still thinking of other catchy titles. Either way..I'm having fun with my "other" shop!
My "Fun & Flirty" bracelet is listed in my 1000markets shop, along with my "I Love Butterflies" necklace below.
Off to finish a new clasp for a new necklace. Keep a look out for pics of my newest piece...and the handcrafted clasp. Take care! :)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Rosevine Design - Embellishments to Treasure by: Jewelry Artisan & Etsy Seller - Deb Ferrell

Let me tell you a little about Deb. She is one of my team-mates on the Artisan Beaders Street Team, and she happens to be very sweet and talented. She makes and sells her stunning jewelry at "Rosevine Design," and she teams up with her daughter making goods for your home, family, and pets at "Mommy Made This." She's one busy lady! Deb creates pieces of art with these beautifully embroidered necklaces, "Roses In Moonlight," and "Green Sun." She truly makes her jewelry come alive with her amazing talent! Canvas bags are so great! Check out this "Golden Paisley Bag" from Deb's "Mommy Made This" Etsy shop. You can learn more about Deb and all her lovely creations on her blog AND her website. I'm so happy to have met Deb! She is definitly an inspirational woman.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The flowers just keep comin...

I just love getting flowers!! These are light-yellow roses, and I got them from Craig for our 10th wedding anniversary, which was last Friday, the 15th. I never thought I'd get married again, let alone be with the same person for 10 years! Actually 11 years, if you count the first year of living together. Even though I'd already known Craig for 3 years before we got together, I had never pictured myself being married to him. We had mutual friends, and we always took notice of each other when one of us would arrive at a party. I watched him go through hard times and ex-girlfriends, just as he had watched me go through tough times and seen me kick a few guys to the curb. Sometimes we would go yard-selling together, and he would give me rides to work here and there. He even rescued me one Christmas Eve when my son was gone visiting his Dad in Texas, and I was completely alone. Eventually, once I got my head out of my "you know what," it finally hit me that Craig was a good guy. James (my son) got along with him too, which was very important to me. So, once we were both single at the same time, we started dating. One thing led to another...and look at us now, married for 10 years. Funny how God puts people together at the right time. :D

Monday, May 11, 2009

A Perfect Day

My Mother's day started out perfect and ended perfect! How cool is that! The weather was sunny and beautiful, did'nt do any housework or cooking, got to visit my sweet MIL (Flo), played with my beads a lil, and had a wonderful time with my son (James), my DIL (Jenny), and my sweet hubby (Craig). James & Jenny gave me these beautiful flowers and the most loving card. Made my eyes tear up a lil. With all the ups and downs lately with the economy the way it is, and my hubby being laid off, and with the illness I live with everyday....yesterday really reminded me that I do have a good life. I'm surrounded with people who love and care for me and I them. I may not be super rich or very healthy, but I have my small family, my close friends, and of course my beads (lol). And you know what....that's enough for me. I hope you had as nice of a Mother's Day as I did! Peace! :)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Designing my Own Earwires

That's right! From now on, when you purchase earrings from The Jewelry Box, you will be recieving handmade earwires as well. Below are a few that I've made recently. Today, I made lots more! I'm using 21 guage round Argentium wire. Argentium doesn't fade or change colors if left out like Sterling Silver can do. Wishing all you Mothers out there a wonderful and beautiful Mothers Day!! My Mothers Day Sale ends tomorrow, so you still have time to save 10% on a lovely jewelry piece.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Old Friends

The hubby (Craig) and I go to the eastern part of Idaho quite frequently. Takes about 20 minutes to get there. We pass by quite a few farms, but this one farm is loaded with beautiful horses. Craig slows down everytime we pass by, cause he knows how much I love horses. In early April, it was a beautiful sunny day, I had my camera with me, so we decided to stop and meet these horses that we've been seeing for almost 2 years. As soon as we walked up to the fence, a few of them came running up. They are saying, "hello" to us with much curiosity in this pic. The one in the middle is a young boy. He has a twin, and I remember seeing them when they were just a few weeks old. It looks as if the dark brown horse is saying, "hey, move over youngun!" I don't know how I got this pic, but they decided to give their profile shots. :) This beautiful girl couldn't get enough of Craig petting her. I think she fell in love with him! This old girl kept coming up to me and wouldn't have anything to do with Craig. She actually looks like she's smiling! It was an awesome afternoon! And I think we're going to take the time to stop and see them more often. Only this time, we'll have apples and carrots. ;)