Saturday, August 27, 2011

I just hopped on my laptop to check my email and found out that my "Jessie's Butterfly Necklace" is featured on's Blog for Beaders!
Last May, I had the wonderful opportunity to participate in Artbeads "What's Old is New Again" design partner's challenge. The idea was to take something old and/or something that you love and put your own spin on it using components from and making it new again. And that's what I did with my late Aunt Jessie's butterfly pin. You can read how I did it here.

Lots of stunning pieces were created from all of the design partners! To see them, "ohhh" & "ahhh" over them and maybe even drool a lil bit [LOL] just go to Artbeads Facebook page and check out the Design Partner's Photo Gallery I and Photo Gallery II. Feel free to "like" and comment on as many as you want. There are so many beautiful designs!

Thank you SO MUCH to Artbeads for this awesome opportunity and for featuring my necklace today! You made my day!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Well...I'm hooked..

on resin that is!!! LOL I purchased some of Lisa Pavelka's resin late last year, but just started playing with it last month, and I have to say...creating with resin is in my blood now! I just love it! The creative possibilities are endless! I've been making pendant necklaces using scrapbook papers, collages I've purchased on etsy, and more recently, gemstone chips.

For this one, I used Peridot chips. [my birthstone] My Mom's b-day is 3 days after mine, and since Peridot is her birthsone too, I made her a pair of earrings with a pair of small round bezels filled with the beautiful Peridot. Didn't get a pic...but I know she loved them!

and this one is filled with brilliant Fluorite chips.
I bought the silver bezels at my new favorite place, "Hobby Lobby", and got them for half off. It was a great deal, so I bought every package [each pkg had 2] of this style! I figured I was going to need a lot of them, and I couldn't pass up the bargain. ;-)  Well, sad to say...I ended up losing almost half of them, because I noticed a bubble here and there in the already cured resin, and that's not a good thing. But I like to make a positive out of a negative, so I'm making sure all is good before I cure my pieces. I received a gift certificate to Hobby Lobby from my sweet hubby on my b-day a few weeks ago, so I've got my bezel collection built back up. ;-D Also, I've got a mold with different shapes that I'm going to try out. So I'm resin awaits me!! :-P

If you want to see more of the pieces shown above, just go to my etsy shop. Thanks for reading & happy creating! :-]

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Happy B-day Robert

Today is my late brother's birthday...he would be turning 53.
Happy birthday Robert!
This was taken in Nov. 1982 when he lived in Florida. Nice tan! :)
Both of my brothers, Robert & Garland. Not sure of the year this was taken, but it was when both of them were young and wild. lol!
My niece, Angelina, with her Uncle Robert. Taken in 1991.
 Robert and me...taken in Summer of 1991
I miss you so much "broski"...until we see each other again, I'll be holding you in my heart and thinking of you everyday.
All my love,
your lil sis ♥

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I had the most wonderful birthday last week! In fact, it lasted through to this past Sunday, when my son, James, treated me to a movie, "Rise of the Planet of the Apes." It was an awesome movie, and I really enjoyed seeing it with James! I cherish those Mother and son moments for sure! I was so happy to recieve b-day cards from my beautiful Mom, my loving sister, my friends, and the very heartfelt b-day message from my oldest brother. I was so surprized to read all the sweet b-day wishes from my family and friends on my fb brought tears to my eyes. Many thanks and hugs to all of you!!
My sweet husband gave me a brand new Dell laptop. It's the model where you can change the top cover to different designs. I just love it! And I love that I'm not stuck at my desk when on the compter anymore! ;) My Craigy has really been spoiling me lately.....I think I'll keep him. **wink-wink**

Well...I'm not ashamed to tell my age, but turning 49 has really made me think about my blessed I am, who I can count on, and what I want to accomplish this last year of my fourtys. I've learned that forgiveness is the key to letting go of the haters from my past....and I'm almost there. I'm looking forward to this next year of my life. I have a feeling it's going to be memorable one!! :-]

Enjoying Summer!

Long time no blogging.....again. :-P  It's been a busy Summer.
Lots of crafting, home projects, making jewelry and taking care of my gardens.
I got this tropical lily last year, and it's
doubled it's gorgeous blooms this year. The colors are amazing!
This is my orchid patch that has jumped out of my front garden and into the front yard. Hard to believe I started out with 1 orchid in 2008. My late MIL gave it to me, and I know she would be thrilled to see all of them today. I feel like it's a message from her telling me she loves me and that she's okay. Call me weird...but that's how I look at it.
I've been playing with resin a lot this Summer and have made quite a few pieces. I have become addicted! But that's a good thing. ;-D I'll be listing my new resin creations to my shop very soon.
August is the last month to enjoy Summer on the eastern side of WA State, so I'm getting outside as much as possible and getting lots of natural vitamin D. I hope everyone is having a fun Summer!
Thanks for reading and happy creating!