Saturday, May 9, 2009

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Designing my Own Earwires

That's right! From now on, when you purchase earrings from The Jewelry Box, you will be recieving handmade earwires as well. Below are a few that I've made recently. Today, I made lots more! I'm using 21 guage round Argentium wire. Argentium doesn't fade or change colors if left out like Sterling Silver can do. Wishing all you Mothers out there a wonderful and beautiful Mothers Day!! My Mothers Day Sale ends tomorrow, so you still have time to save 10% on a lovely jewelry piece.


Beadwright said...

Happy Mother's Day my dear friend. The earwires are fantastic and will bring an elegance to your already beautiful creations.

Brenda said...

aww..thank you Nicole!! That's so sweet of you! I hope you enjoyed Mother's Day as well. *hugz* :)

Deronda designs... said...

Oh those are all wonderful.