Wednesday, May 27, 2009

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My "Other" Shop

I've been working on my jewelry shop at a lot lately. My items needed some fine tuning, plus I'm moving some of my etsy shop pieces into it. I love the design of 1000markets! I had to update my items because not too long ago,they added a new cool function to the description part. It gives you a choice to add words for google search that are specifically just for that item. Love it!! You also have a choice to have "collections," which are like sections in an etsy shop, only better! I thought it would be cool to name my "collections" as if you were opening a real jewelry box. Kindof like a virtual jewelry box, where each collection is a specific drawer. Open the 1st drawer and find all my handmade bracelets, open the 2nd drawer and find earrings, and so on. Although I've named my collections for now, I'm still thinking of other catchy titles. Either way..I'm having fun with my "other" shop!
My "Fun & Flirty" bracelet is listed in my 1000markets shop, along with my "I Love Butterflies" necklace below.
Off to finish a new clasp for a new necklace. Keep a look out for pics of my newest piece...and the handcrafted clasp. Take care! :)

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