Monday, March 2, 2009

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Bead Show

I went to the Rings & Things Bead Show, and was in heaven looking and fondling all the beautiful gems! lol! Rings & Things is based here in Spokane, WA, and they have a huge warehouse. They travel everywhere doing shows, and they do them twice a year in Spokane. This was my 3rd year going and taking advantage of their awesome discounts. The first time I went, I was a total newbie. I ended up buying lots of gems and glass beads that just looked pretty, without knowing anything about them. I've done my homework since then, and now I know what I'm doing...or at least I look like I do! lol! I had a definite budget this time around, so after all the sorting and adding up costs, this is what I came home with, minus some chain, watch faces, jumprings, and a few other supplies I needed. I had to put back some strands and held back my tears...but that's okay, I'll be at the next show in October. ;)

From top to bottom: Topaz/Gold glass beads, Peridot rounds, light Amethyst faceted rondelles, green tones of faceted Czech glass beads, light blue fiber-optic puffy square beads, faceted amethyst fiber-optic rounds, and faceted ollvine glass rounds.

From top to bottom: faceted Tanzanite bi-cones (10mm), blue goldstone faceted teardrop fans, Peridot rondelles, Prehnite nuggets, and Amethyst teardrop nuggets.


Orion Designs said...

You made some beautiful choices Brenda! Have fun playing.

Barbara said...

Aren't bead shows (and gem & mineral shows) just the **BEST**??!?! I would go to Tucson every year if I could.

You ARE going to post what you make, right? Because we have to see The Shiny :)

Dave Robertson said...

This bead show was a lot of fun. I'm glad so many people came to check out the demos and find new treasures. (How often do you find prehnite?) :)

I sense some neat new creations coming along...

at Rings & Things

Brenda said...

Thank you Vicki! I know I'm not the only one playing! *wink wink* :D

Thank you Barbara! I will post my creations with my new gems for sure. ;)

Dave, thanks for your comment! I absolutely love Prehnite! I was introduced to it from a friend. Can't wait for the next show in October! :)