Sunday, September 6, 2009

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Crystals Galore!

When I found my package in my mailbox this past Saturday, I yelled out, "YES!!!" as I jumped up and down! I think a few of my neighbors were curious, cause they already know I'm a lil crazy....but in a good way. lol! Back to my was filled with Swarovski Crystal components. It's like Christmas in September! :-)
This 1st photo contains my most favorite piece, a stunning "Golden Shadow" Galactic Crystal Pendant. It's light-weight and measures 23.5 x 39 mm, and I absolutely love it!! The 3 crystal beads are; "Topaz" Helix, faceted "Indian Red" round, and faceted "Light Colorado Topaz" round. Perfect Fall colors! This next photo is of a beautiful Rose Filigree Sunflower with silver-plated 2-ring Rose Channels, and Padparadscha Rivolis with Padparadscha Teardrops. Padparadscha is gorgeous and has become one of my favorite colors!
Here's a group shot with a couple of Tanzanite 2-ring Channels in the top-left corner.
Here are more Tanzanite 2-ring Channels with a huge (40 x 27) faceted Fancy Pear Crystal. The cut of the Pear Crystal is amazing! It's hypnotizing the way each facet twinkles as it captures the light. I just love crystals, and I can't wait to turn all of these components into beautiful jewelry pieces. Check back soon as I start posting photos of them. Many thanks to for this very special opportunity.
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