Friday, October 29, 2010

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Ahh...Roses in October

About three weeks ago, I found out I was one of the lucky winners of a "5 prize giveaway" on The Curious Pug.  And yesterday...I received my prize!!  It took a few weeks because it came all the way from Ireland.  I don't think I've ever received anything from that far away, but let me tell you, it was well worth the wait! 

I won this stunning print from Photography by Brideen.   Brideen is a professional photographer, and her photos are fabulous!  I'm SO happy, and I feel very fortunate to have won a piece of her lovely work.  The colors are so vibrant, and the print is so clear that you feel like reaching out to touch and smell the beautiful roses!

Now, I'm going shopping for the perfect frame because this beauty is going to brighten my studio! ;-D  There's nothing like receiving roses in Autumn!
"Thank you so much to Brideen and to Alycia at The Curious Pug."  See more of Brideen's wonderful work at Photography by Brideen, and check out what's new at The Curious Pug.


Beadwright said...

Wow what a great win!!! I thought the first photo was roses you picked from the garden. OK OK I know it is too cold for that.LOL

Orion Designs said...

Lucky you -- it's a beautiful print!

Brenda's Jewelry Box said...

Thanks Nicole & Vicki! The roses are actually from the photographer's garden and the vase belonged to her Grandmother.