Tuesday, February 14, 2012

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Happy Valentine's Day

I hope everyone has had a very happy Valentine's Day!
My husband, Craig, always gets me yellow roses...they're my favorite! But this year, he also surprised me with this beautiful silver diamond heart necklace.
I think I'll be wearing this A LOT! lol! ;-)

Okay...enuff bragging! I want to announce that I'm having a Valentine Sale. All Valentine jewelry is half off. Just use the coupon code, "love50", during checkout to get 50% off your entire order. There is no deadline for this sale....it ends when all of the Valentine jewelry pieces are gone.
These sterling silver heart & crystal earrings are only $11.25 with 50% Off.
Click HERE to go directly to my Valentine Jewelry Section.


Crystal said...

Oh my goodness, Girl!
Beautiful roses AND a gorgeous necklace!!!! You hit the jackpot. :-)
xoxo Crystal

BJewelryBox said...

LOL Crystal! I love those kind of surprizes! ;)

Nice to see you on my blog my friend. -hugs-