Friday, March 30, 2012

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My big sis...the Artist.

My sister, Liz (aka:Lizbeth), was born on Leap Year, and this year, she got to celebrate her day on the actual day. Otherwise, her b-day is acknowledged on March 1st the other 3 years. Anyway, she had a milestone birthday this year (I'm having one too in 5 months! EEK!), so I surprized her with some really cool jewelry pieces. I forgot to get pics, but I made her a pair of amethyst and turquoise earrings, since her birthstone is amethyst. I also made her a pretty symbolic charm necklace, and a resin pendant necklace that says, "Big Sis." She loved everything! In fact, she loved her jewelry so much that she made me a couple of handmade gifts too.
A handpainted thank you card and bookmarker.
(The funky flower background is my dining room tablecloth.)
This is so beautiful!! I love all the colors and the way the sun is reflected in the water.  
A closer look. This is my background on my laptop right now.
My bookmarker. Isn't it beautiful?!
The other side of my card.
I love my sister SO much! I think I'm lucky to have a sister, but I feel even luckier and blessed to have one like her. No one or thing can ever break the strong bond we share.
"Thank you for everything Sis!"

I know what I'm shopping for this weekend...the perfect frame for my card and getting my bookmarker laminated. :-)

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Crystal said...

Oh Brenda!
How very, VERY, special! There is nothing like a handmade gift and you and your sister both experienced that joy together. :-)

Reading your post about the bond which you and your sister share reminded me of a quote I love:

"A sister is a gift your parents give to YOU!"

xoxo :-)