Saturday, July 21, 2012

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I didn't even know....

I should really check the etsy treasuries more often. Here are some fab treasuries I'm featured in.
Curated by Aleezahsfineart on etsy.
Curated by Monkeyball on etsy.
Curated by elbowsdesigns on etsy.
"Beautiful Jewelry"
Curated by Sydney Shea

Click on each treasury photo to see more and be sure to click on each curator's title to learn more.

"Thank you SO much to these wonderful etsyians for featuring my jewelry pieces in their beautiful treasuries."


dragoness said...

That is so wonderful :D
Hello my friend its been a long time :D
<3 hugssssssss

Crystal said...

How fun, Brenda, but I'm really not surprised.

Your designs are always spectacular. You have a way with a jewelry component, Young Lady. :-)

(LOVE your new items!)

BJewelryBox said...

aww thank you Crystal. That's so sweet of you to say. psst, I like the "young" lady comment. LOL ;)

BJewelryBox said...

Hello right back at ya Lisa. So nice to see you! ((Hugzzzzz))