Saturday, August 11, 2012

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my brother's birthday

My brother, Robert, would be turning 54 today. He passed away when he was 50...just 3 months shy of his 51st birthday. He died way too young. He left behind two beautiful that was the apple of his eye and one that he never got to know. He also left behind his Mother, an older brother, 2 sisters (including me), lots of neices and nephews and distant cousins and Aunts.

In honor of Robert's birthday, some of us are getting together for the meteor shower later tonight. The peak of the 2012 Perseid Meteor Shower is here. This will be a great way to celebrate Robert's birthday. I know he would love it! In fact, he will probably be right there with us watching it all.
Happy Birthday Robert!
You are missed SO much! You will forever be in our hearts.


Lu said...

Your brother is surely looking down on all of you with "love". Praying for you, Brenda! <3

Crystal said...

Oh Brenda,
You touched my heart with this post.
I am sure your sweet brother is watching over all of you, and smiling at the way you celebrated his birthday! :-)
Sending many hugs,

BJewelryBox said...

Thank you Luanne. You are so sweet.

BJewelryBox said...

Thank you Crystal. The showers looked like a million shooting stars. Each time we saw one, we said it was Robert blowing out a birthday candle. It was a special night and you're right, I'm sure he was smiling the whole time. :)