Sunday, November 4, 2012

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Moose Sighting

Last week, I took a drive to Spirit Lake, Idaho with my hubby. Even though it was a rainy wet day, we just wanted to get away and go for a drive. We both love Idaho...and we live so close that it only takes 15 minutes to drive to the state line. Spirit Lake is a little bit farther away though, but so worth the drive.
The mountains were so beautiful that day! I love when the fog drapes over them like a's like looking at a 3D painting.
I've lived in the Northwest for a long time, but I had never seen a moose. I know....sounds crazy, huh? I've seen all kinds of other wildlife, even a few bears, but last week, I finally got to see not just one moose, but a family of moose! A mama moose with her two babies! I was so excited....I felt like a little kid seeing santa clause for the first time. lol! I'm sure some people think they're funny looking and not so pretty to look at, but I think they're beautiful creatures. The mama was very protective of her babies and rightly so. They were only about one year old.
As I was sitting (safely) inside our truck, I kept talking to the mama. She just kept glaring at me with this look on her beautiful face like I was some deranged human that had never seen a friggin moose before! LOL!
This one's a little blurry due to the rain and me using my super zoom feature. She was stunning and her babies were so cute. Seeing the moose was so great! In fact, the entire day was great! On our way home, we made a stop at my sister and her hubby's place. We laughed so much and had a wonderful visit. My sister is an amazing strong woman. My brother-in-law is one lucky he's pretty amazing himself.  All in all, my moose sighting, scenic Idaho drive, and family visit turned out to be a very good and memorable day. :-D


Loris Glassworks said...

I'm envious, I've been to Alaska and Maine in hopes of seeing a Moose in the wild... No such luck! Thanks for sharing your photos and your adventure. Cheers!
Lori in Atlanta

Orion Designs said...

Sounds like a wonderful day for all of you. I love seeing moose! You are wise to be safely away from a mama moose. They will do just about anything to protect their young!

Crystal said...

What a wonderful post, Brenda. :-)
I've never seen a moose either. How fun to see a whole family of them!!!

The day you describe was a beautiful one - full of adventure, fun, family, and love!

So happy that you have this memory to cherish, Sweet Friend.

xo :-)

BJewelryBox said...

Thank you Lori! Your moose sighting will come one day and it will be so amazing. :)

BJewelryBox said...

Vicki, yes, you are so right! Definitely stay far and safely away from them, especially the mama's! I know you get a lot of moose in your lucky girl! lol

BJewelryBox said...

Crystal, thank you so much! It truely was the best day ever! I hope you get to see a moose one day. When you see them in the wild, it's then that you realize just how stunning and big they really are. ;)

BJewelryBox said...

A quick note to everyone that commented on my moose sighting...thank you all so much! I don't post a lot like I used to, but I'm trying. I really appreciate when my friends stop by, so thank you ladies! :)