Saturday, December 29, 2012

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Meet Ayden

"Ayden Lucas Abel"
7lbs.- 1oz & 19" long.
A few hours ago today, Saturday-Dec. 29, 2012, this little adorable bundle of joy arrived at 1:15pm. His name is Ayden, and he has made our family SO SO SO happy!
He made a first time Grandmother out of my oldest niece, a first time Daddy to my oldest Great nephew, a first time Great Grandmother to my sweet sister, a first time Great Great Grandmother to my beautiful Mom, a first time Uncle to my 2nd Great Nephew, a lot of first time Great Aunts and Uncles to some of my neices and nephews, and lastly...he made me a first time Great Great Aunt. That's a lot of "1st's" and a lot of "Greats!"  What a Great Great family we are! :-D
"Happy Birthday Ayden!"

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Crystal said...

What delightful news - I love this post!

Congratulations, Brenda, and best wishes to ALL of the family, but most importantly -

Happy Birthday to Ayden!!! :-D