Monday, January 26, 2009

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Glass Artist Profile

I recently met a very talented glass artist that creates the most stunning pendants and jewelry with dichroic glass. Her name is Tanya Veit of A.A. Glass Art. Her talent for forming such artistic pendants is incredible! Here's a lil bit about her.

What is your first name, and how did you get started with your talent? My name is Tanya, and I have been artistically inclined since I was about 5 years old.

Where do you sell your lovely glass art? ArtFire shop: Ruby Lane shop:

What is your best seller item? Best sellers are my nature silhouette pendants:

Can you offer any advise for anyone that is just starting out with glass making? The best advice I can offer for glass artisans is don't by too many supplies and glass when starting out! Start with 2 or 3 colors and slowly incorporate new glass/supplies as you develope your technique. When I knew I wanted to do this for more than just a hobby, we spent $2000.00 dollars on glass and supplies at the glass store that we ended up not needing. Half of that is still sitting in the studio 5 years later!

And finally, what are your goals for your business? We are relocating to St. Petersburg Florida from Chicago. We plan to open a working studio and eventually teach by private instruction.

All the best to you Tanya! :)

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A.A.E. Glass Art said...

Thank for such kind words and featuring me in your blog! Tanya