Saturday, April 18, 2009

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*Artisan Handmade Jewelry Etsy Seller - Shiny Adornments*

Meet Kristy of Shiny Adornments! Kristy is a very talented jewelry maker and a fellow team-mate on the Artisan Beaders street team. Her talent for wirewrapping is amazing, as you can see with the bracelet above, "Fragrance of forgiveness." This ring is one of my favorites! "Shara - Handmade Pearl Cocktail Ring" If you don't already know, Kristy runs a very popular blog. It rates right at the top of all blogs, containing all kinds of awesome information and features you won't find anywhere else! Check out Kristy's fabulous blog here. Just look at the bling on these stunning earrings from Kristy! "What lies beneath" While Kristy is a Mom, a wife, and works full-time....I don't know how she does it! She really is a strong and outgoing woman and is an inspiration to all women and artisans. To purchase Kristy's handcrafted jewelry, visit her Etsy Shop and her Artfire Shop. Check out Kristy's Flickr page for more photos.


Pricilla said...

Great choices Brenda. I love those earrings!

Soo Mei said...

The bracelet is lovely~