Wednesday, November 4, 2009

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The Little Black Box

The Little Black Box's for November go on sale November 6th, and if you're one of the lucky buyers this month, you'll receive a cute handmade "Holiday Charm Ring" from The Jewelry Box

I made a total of 30 charm rings with silver wire and embellished them with swarovski crystals in Emerald, Moonlight, and Fiery Red Hyacinth, silver wreaths, silver stars, and silver bells. And yes, the bell charms make the lil tinkling sound. They are adjustable to fit all sizes too. Each ring comes in it's own ribbon pouch (handmade by me) then wrapped with either red or green tissue paper in the form of an envelope. They turned out really cute and would make great stocking stuffers for Christmas this year. I have a few extra charm rings and plan to list them in my etsy shop soon. To see who's in the November boxes and to get a peek at what you will get, click here. I'm the 16th seller on the page. Oh, I almost forgot, the boxes cost $17.00. Not bad considering everything you get! Go to The Little Black Box for more information.


Orion Designs said...

Good luck with the boxes. Those pouches are adorable!

The Jewelry Box said...

Thank you Vicki! I used to use hot glue to make the pouches, but they didn't hold well, so I started sewing them instead. They are stronger and last longer too.