Monday, May 3, 2010

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Orange Blossom - My Craft Corner Artist Feature

Welcome to the first of a series of artist features that I will be showcasing twice a week! Each artist is a member of My Craft Corner, which is an online community that encourages and supports crafters of all sorts. This first artist has many talents, and not to mention, she's a very brave woman for volunteering to be my first feature. lol! So without further my friend, Leslie, artist & owner of "Orange Blossom."

~What is your craft & how long have you been making it?
My craft is children's clothing and accessories, and I have been making them for about 2 years now.

~What inspired you to start selling your handmade items & are you enjoying it?
My daughter is my inspiration. She is so much smaller than kids her age, and buying her clothes was a pain. So I decided that I was going to give making them a try and it worked, and I love it.

~What is your best selling item?
I would have to say that my best selling product is my monogrammed wipes cases.

~What are your favorite materials to work with?
Fabric, ribbon, elastic....all if it. 

 ~What is your favorite venue for promoting yourself & your craft?
I would have to say that my favorite is blogging, although, I seem to get more business from facebook.

~Where does your inspiration to create come from?
Again, I would have to say my daughter...I love to see her in things no one else has!

~What do you do to keep busy when experiencing slow sales?
Well, I love to sew, so I'm going to sew, sew, sew regardless of sales. But the sales are nice!!

 ~What would you say to artists who are new to selling and/or who are struggling with selling?
Promote, promote, promote...and even I'm not the best at that, but if you get yourself noticed, sales will come!

~What are some of your goals for your business?
I would love to one day own my own little shop in our town square!!

Leslie also has giveaways on her blog every other Thursday. I was a lucky winner of one of her handmade Scrappin Cross Pendants! :D

♦ See more of Leslie's handcrafted items at her Etsy Shop, "Orange Blossom."
♦ Visit Leslie's Blog at "My Lil Blog.
♦ Find Leslie on My Craft Corner here
♦ Follow Leslie on Twitter.

Tune in this Friday for the next artist feature!
Thanks for reading & happy creating!


Orange Blossom said...

Thank you so much for featuring me this is so amazing!!

Small Footprints said...

What a lovely interview ... and I just adore Leslie's work (isn't her model just the cutest!!).

You are so kind, Brenda, to feature fellow artisans!

Have a great day!

Elizabeth said...

Congratulations, Leslie, on being the first feature! This is a great idea to promote our MCC colleagues, Brenda!
For another way to promote your shops, check out Etsybloggers Team! I've had good luck w/ referrals through them.

Elizabeth said...

Brenda: I tried to Follow you on Twitter, but your link The Jewelry Box doesn't work, and I searched Twitter and couldn't find you.

The Jewelry Box said...

You are very welcome Leslie! And I agree...your model is so adorable!