Friday, May 7, 2010

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My Craft Corner Artist Feature - Small Footprints's Friday, and it's time for another excting artist feature!  This artist is a really sweet person I met on My Craft Corner. Her creations are lovely...and she even incorporates recycled materials into them. How cool is that!! Please join me in welcoming Cyndi.

** What is your craft & how long have you been making it?
I make earrings, mostly from re-purposed beads.  I've been doing it for about a year.

** What inspired you to start selling your handmade items and are you enjoying it?
My husband had an etsy shop, to sell his artwork, but decided to focus on selling from his blog ... so I decided to take over the shop, "Appealing To You", and see what happens.  We still post some of his work but the majority of items we post are my creations.  While I'd like to see better sales, I am enjoying the whole process ... and I'm learning a lot.


** What is your best selling item?
Early on we sold some aceo prints that were popular.  They were photographs of sprouting ferns that seemed to whisper "I Love You."  Aceo's are very small works of art.

** What are your favorite materials to work with?
I really like re-purposed beads ... I love the idea that they started their life out as something else ... that someone else loved them.  Broken jewelry has a story and even though I don't know what it is, I try to imagine how the original owner felt when they opened the box and saw it for the first time ... all shiny and new.

** What is your favorite venue for promoting yourself & your craft.
Well, I like Twitter and My Craft Corner for promoting my work. One of my new favorites is called The Red Carpet.  It is a showcase for members of an Etsy team called, "Inspiration Avenue."   I joined this team last year and they are always doing something fun ... and something which helps get my work noticed.

  Purple Passion

** Where does your inspiration to create come from?
Gosh ... I think it came out of nowhere.  Some time ago, I became fascinated with making things for myself and my family ... cleaning products, perfume, aftershave, etc.  One morning I woke up and thought that I should try to make earrings. I got busy and learned how to do it.  Then, I fell in love with the beads ... the shapes, colors, materials, and sizes ... it's like being a kid again and playing with small pebbles or marbles.  When I work on my earrings, I'm no where else...I'm totally in the moment.

** What do you do to keep busy when experiencing slow sales?
I write a blog "Reduce Footprints" about green living and that takes up a lot of my time.  My husband and I are best friends ... we like to spend time, every day, walking and hiking, and simply being together.  I also have a cat who monitors my time working ... when she thinks it's been long enough, she simply gets between me and the computer .... it's effective!

** What would you say to artists who are new to selling and/or who are struggling with selling?
Well, I guess I still see myself in that category and what I tell myself is to be patient … to continue creating and offering items for sale while learning as much as I can.  If I find someone who is successful, I watch them closely … not to mimic their work but rather to learn selling techniques.


** What are some of your goals for your business?
I’d like to get to the point where the merchandise sells itself … promoting and selling is exhausting.  And, I’d like to work towards a consistent number of sales each month.  Right now it’s hit and miss while I learn the ropes.

** Have I missed anything or is there something else you would like to share?
I think that covers it. I’d like to say Thank You for your generosity in featuring other artisans – it’s very kind of you!

See Cyndi's handmade creations at her Etsy shop,  Appealing To You.
Check out Cyndi's informative and inspirational blog, Reduce Footprints!
Click here to follow Cyndi on Twitter.
Find Cyndi's Page on My Craft Corner at Small Footprint's Craft Corner.

It's great getting to know you more Cyndi, and it's been a pleasure featuring you! Nice to meet a fellow cat lover too! :-)

--Mark your calendar for next Tuesday, May 11th, when I feature another fabulous artist!--
Thanks for reading, happy creating, and feel free to leave a comment. Have a great weekend! :)


Small Footprints said...

Thank you, so much, for featuring me today ... I feel like a star! :) You are so generous to feature other artists ... you have a good heart!

Thanks, again ... and have a great weekend!

letamariedesigns said...

Cyndi makes Wonderful Items. And I sure can relate about the networking, promoting and selling.
I know that if we keep at it good things will come. Leta

Peanuts Creations said...

Great article and your pieces look beautiful featured here!! Thanks to Brenda for doing the features and helping promote handmade!