Saturday, July 10, 2010

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Christmas in July Sale?

What? Christmas is 5 months away! Exactly...which is why July is the perfect month to get a head start on some Christmas shopping .... and enjoy getting a discount on shipping fees too. I probably sound like one of those quirky car salesmen I used to see way back in ancient times on TV. LOL :D

But seriously, I thought I would join the masses on etsy and offer some sweet shipping deals for my Christmas in July sale. Free shipping for U.S.A.! Only $1 shipping to Canada AND only $1.50 shipping to any other country. Sound good? My listings are already updated to reflect these shipping deals, so there will be no waiting for a revised invoice, no special sale code to enter AND there are no shipping fees for multiple items. Wait! I already don't charge shipping fees for buying multiple items! lol!

While I'm at it, I might as well show off my newest pair of earrings, "Mystic." They are made with gorgeous Tanzanite bi-cones & crystals. The facets on the bi-cones catch the lights so beautifully! Just listed them for sale today!

Have a happy Saturday and please feel free to spread the news about my sweet Christmas in July Sale!
View my "Starry Nights" earrings in this pretty treasury.
Thanks for reading & Happy Creating!


Anonymous said...

That sounds absolutely FANTASTIC !!!!

Miss Val's Creations said...

These earrings are so pretty! I can't get into Christmas in July. LOL. It is too hot outside!

The Jewelry Box said...

Thanks Monica! :)

The Jewelry Box said...

Miss Val, I hear ya, it's super hot here too. Thank you for the sweet comment on my earrings. :)