Monday, July 5, 2010

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Reach For "The Sky" Great Finds Feature

I received a surprise message that made my day!  My "Peace" earrings were chosen to be featured on Made For Me by Oaklie's "Reach For "The Sky" Great Finds" this week!

There is a poll on the page to vote for your favorite out of 18 artisans featured. The winner receives a free ad and an ad placement on "On Fire For Handmade." Pretty cool, huh?! Now I'm not asking to vote for me, although it would be nice....if you feel like sharing some love and voting, please vote for who you like the best, what item catches your eye or tickles your fancy. I'm just really happy that my earrings were noticed and to be participating with so many talented folks. Click here to vote and have a wonderful day!

Thanks for reading & Happy Creating!

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