Wednesday, August 11, 2010

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Happy B-Day to my brother!

Today, August 11th, my brother, Robert (tall good looking guy in photo) would have turned 52. He died last May 19th, 2009. Unfortunately...I didn't find out till 10 days later...and....from someone I have no respect for. I'll never forget that day and how awful it was. I remember talking to a woman from the local newspaper and her mailing me his obituary that was submitted by a funeral home. I couldn't belive there was no funeral and no obituary submitted by his other half. But now when I think bout really doesn't surprise me. 

His passing left a huge hole in my heart. There hasn't been a day that's gone by that I haven't thought of him and missed him. Lately, I've been flooded with so many memories of him and out of nowhere, a song that I wouldn't normally think of will come into my head, and I'll start humming it. Call me crazy...but I believe it's Robert letting me know that he's okay, he loves me, and the hurt we caused each other is forgiven. He loved music, and he knows how much I love it too. He loved football too! He could tell you anything & everything about it.....knew every quarterback name from way back when to all the statistics about the players. I could sit and listen to him for fact, I did! lol! I'll always remember those kind of good times.

Robert & James (my son) in 1990...much much happier days.

I love and miss you SO much Robert. Until we see each other again....all my love to you broski. ♥♥♥
and....happy birthday.

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