Monday, February 28, 2011

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Monday Soapbox

I feel the need to vent...just a lil. Before I do, I want my wonderful online friends and blog followers to know this is in no way directed towards any of you. 

To the person it is directed to; your "Spokane family" said "goodbye" or better yet, "GOOD RIDDANCE" to you a long time ago. We do NOT care where you go OR what you do with your so called "new family." Sad but true, your true colors will surface again, and you will continue your vicious cycle of downplaying others just to illuminate yourself. The time will come when you will turn on them the moment they no longer benefit you...just as you have always done. You will always be that fake person changing your personality to fit in just to suit your needs. You are the very thing you despise! Have a nice least until you find your soul mate "again" and get another "new family."

Okay...stepping off my soapbox now. I made a sweet pair of earrings yesterday. An antique brass wire design with gorgeous swarovski crystals in stunning padparadcha. 
Photos are in the works. ;-)
Have a fabulous day!

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