Tuesday, November 22, 2011

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A 1st Jewelry Design Challenge

Hey everyone! I'm so excited to share my recent beading adventure! Around a month ago, I was reading some threads from one of the etsy teams I belong to, and I came across one talking about doing a beads challenge. I shared a bit of my experience with design challenges, and the next day, I received a sweet invitation from Crystal to participate in her very 1st design challenge. I love beads and I love challenges, so of course I said, "YES!" lol! Long story short, I got to be part of Crystal's first design challenge, and even more importantly, I made a new friend. Crystal's etsy shop is "Bead Happily EverAfter." She offers gorgeous vintage and contemporary beads & findings, and she makes jewelry too. 

Before I get to the designs, I want to thank Crystal for allowing me to be part of something very special. I appreciate the wonderful experience, and I feel honored to have been among a super talented bunch of designers!

Okay, here we go! For the design challenge, there were 3 different sets of beads to choose from, and I picked the vintage lucite oval fuchsia beads. They are so beautiful! They have a hint of white marbeling on them too, making them even more unique. Here is what I created with them.
I paired the fuchsia beads with peruvian blue opal teardrops and small amazonite rounds with jet black chain.
Here's a close up view. I think the black chain makes the beads and gemstones pop.
Here are the matching earrings. I added a bit of silver chain to the mix. They are very dangly!
A 2nd pair of earrings with black chain tassels dangling with fuschia crystals, faceted hematite rounds, angel wing charms, and topped with the oval fuchsia beads accented with gunmetal black bead caps and tiny hematite rounds. These definitely tickle your shoulders! :)

Click HERE to see ALL of the amazing and beautiful creations from the jewelry design challenge.

Check out Bead Happily Ever After for beautiful vintage beads, findings and handcrafted jewelry, and follow Crystal's sweet blog HERE. 

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