Sunday, January 1, 2012

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Resolutions anyone?.....

"Happy New Year!"
2012 has arrived and I have a good feeling it's going to be a very happy and successful year! 

Have you made any resolutions yet? I have, but mine are made with a different point of view this year. You see, I read an interesting post on etsy's blog the other day about looking at resolutions in a different way. Instead of unrealistic resolutions with strict deadlines, ask yourself this.."what do I enjoy the most but don't do often enough?" It really makes you think, and it can be one thing or many's whatever you love and whatever makes YOU happy.

I love making jewelry (of course) and expandng my creative side with new jewelry techniques. Getting out with nature and going camping with my family and friends is something I really love to do, and I'm definitely going to do more of it this year. The new year has just started, and I've already done something else I enjoy that I don't do very much, and that's getting out and going to see a new movie. I went and saw the movie, "New Year's Eve", last night with my family and had so much fun. (By the way, the movie was great and super funny!)

I'm looking forward to my new New Year's resolutions this year! I think I'm going to have fun doing more of what I enjoy. I hope you take the time to do more of what you enjoy this year too. You may just find yourself grinning a little more. :-D
 to my family and friends!

You can click HERE to read the entire "Hold Those Resolutions" post on etsy's blog.


crystal said...

Wise words, Brenda!
Thanks for reminding me to focus on the fun! :-)

Brenda. said...

lol Crystal! We can all use some fun in our lives for sure. ;-)