Monday, April 5, 2010

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This must be my lucky month!

OMG!! I was up later than usual last night. Don't know why cause I was exhausted from the day's events and all the food. Craig & I invited James & Jenny over for Easter dinner, and we had a blast! We cooked food and they brought was a really great Easter! ☺ Anyway.....I finally got to check my emails and my blog updates, and that's when I found out that I had won the sweetest soap bath basket from Debbie @ Sapone Bolla Soap Blog! It was almost 1:00am, and I totally forgot that Craig was sleeping...I jumped up and yelled,  "WHOOOOHOOOO!!!" But no matter, it didn't even phase him. On the other hand, Joy (one of my sweet kittys that hangs with me in my studio) gave me the strangest look. LOL! You can read about Debbie's 1st giveaway she had and see my wonderful prize here.

Many thanks goes out to Debbie for the opportunity to win her lovely soap bath basket. Check out Debbie's Artfire studio to see her awesome soaps and crocheted items. Thanks again Debbie! Your Rock! :)

♣ With all this good luck lately, I think I better buy some lotto tickets tomorrow. ;) 

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sapone bolla soapy blog said...

thanks again. I'm so glad you like your prize and I hope you enjoy it in good health. I'm also happy to be following your beautiful blog!