Thursday, April 1, 2010

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My giveaway prize

Recently, I won an awesome giveaway from Patty @ Broken Teepee Designs. If you don't know Patty, then you're missing out on knowing a really sweet and talented woman. Her blog rocks, plus she's always hosting the best giveaways!
Now...I don't always enter her giveaways, but I'm really glad I did for this particular one! I was so happy yesterday when I saw the UPS guy walking up to my house. I was hoping it was my giveaway prize .....and it was!! :D And here it is! Installed and everything!

It's a "Triple Wall Mounted SmartSpace Indispensable Dispenser" from, and I love it! Each canister holds 13 oz. of dry food, such as, oatmeal, rice, candy, cereal, peanuts, etc. And better yet, it's dishwasher safe! It arrived completely assembled. All I had to do was hang it. Well actually....Craig (my hubby) did that part. The hardest part for me was choosing where to hang it! lol! But after a slight remodel in my kitchen, it found a nice useful happy place, and for now, it is filled with cereal and candy.

  I'm so happy to have won this!  A BIG HUGE ""THANK YOU"" goes out to Patty for giving me the chance to win this awesome addition to my kitchen! :-))

((Click here to check out Patty's blog and her current giveaways))
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Orion Designs said...

Wow -- that thing is awesome! Now I wish I had entered that giveaway!

Pricilla said...

It looks great and I am so glad you are happy with it!

The Jewelry Box said...

LOL Vicki! :D

The Jewelry Box said...

Thank you Patty...ummm I mean Pricilla! ;) :D