Tuesday, March 30, 2010

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A Tropical Breeze

I think my newest necklace reflects how much I wish I could go somewhere tropical and just forget all my cares for a little while. But since I can't, I reach for my beads instead...
I've been designing with resin beads lately. Don't really know why....I guess I'm just curious as to how much I will like them. I figure I already design with a lot of different materials, I might as well add resin to the list! Also, I recently started working with brass too. I decided to put the two together and WAHLAH!....my new necklace, "A Tropical Breeze" just listed to my etsy shop today. I think the Amethyst blended with the Antique Brass really makes the orange pop. 

Look for my new handmade resin pendants to be listed to my etsy shop next month.
Also, I'll be featuring some giveaways during Spring & Summer!
Thanks for reading & happy beading!


Orion Designs said...

This is so pretty Brenda! It really does remind one of a tropical breeze -- be sure to use this for FF!

Beadwright said...

Very nice. It does remind me of spring too.


Deronda said...

I love this.