Monday, March 22, 2010

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Smoke & Mirrors

That's the name of my newest earrings for sale @ my Etsy shop.

Smokey Quartz briolettes wrapped with Argentium Silver wire and my own handmade earwires, also made with Argentium Silver. These earrings are simple, yet classy!

I use some Sterling Silver in my jewelry pieces, but for making earwires & wirewrapping, I use only Argentium Silver. Sterling Silver & Argentium Silver are equal in the amount of silver they have, which is 92.5%. The difference is Sterling Silver has 7.5% copper in it, which is what makes it tarnish, and Argentium Silver contains an element called, germanium, which doesn't tarnish. So no heavy duty polishing! That works for me! Click here to learn more about this amazing tarnish free Silver.
Thanks for reading & happy jewelry making!

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