Monday, January 4, 2010

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James 27th Birthday!

We celebrated James (my son) 27th birthday yesterday, Jan. 3rd. I can't believe my baby boy is just 3 years away from 30! Gawd...makes me old!! LOL! We had a good time. I baked him a strawberry cake with real slices of strawberries in it with vanilla frosting and blue frosting for decorating. As you can see, Craig went a little crazy with the blue frosting! And yes, my Christmas tree is still up, but not for long.

I love this shot! Hope his wish comes true. :)

Just look at my handsome son...striking a pose with his beautiful wooden gun cabinet.

He was really shocked over his gift! He had no idea that for the past month, Craig had been going into work on his days off and working on the cabinet, getting it ready for Jame's birthday. He was a happy camper for sure! Not to mention the gift card & cash in his birthday card too. ;) All in all, is was a fun time and a wonderful day to turn 27!


Orion Designs said...

Happy birthday to James! I didn't know that Craig was such a fine woodworker -- awesome!

The Jewelry Box said...

Thanks Vicki! I wish he was 3 yrs old again, but only for a day. :D
That hubby of mine is always surprising me with the stuff he can do. There may be a new etsy shop opening in the near future. ;)

Beadwright said...

Wow Brenda!!! what a good looking boy you have. 27.... geeesssse I can barly remember 27 lol


The Jewelry Box said...

Why thank you Nicole! I'll tell him you said so...he will like that. lol!
And 27...well, I can only remember bits & pieces of being 27, but I do remember it was a good year for me! ;) :P :D

And Vicki m'dear, Craig says "thank you for the nice compliment!" :)