Friday, November 7, 2008

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Another Hot Profile!

Please join me, as I introduce an amazing and inspiring Etsy Seller, Rebecca of *Rebecca's Soap Delicatessen!*
What do you make, and what drives your passion for your craft?
I make handmade soaps and lotions. I really love experimenting with new scents. My soaps are often referred to as different flavors rather than scents so, I think it's getting to experiment with new scents that really drives my craft.
What made you want to take your craft to the next level and sell on Etsy?
I've been around on Etsy since it was in beta, however, this is the first year I've actually focused on selling on Etsy. I was able to get a little further ahead in my inventory this year so, I wanted to expand my revenue by really giving things a go on Etsy. The economy also had a play in this, as local sales are down right now from last year.
What is your best seller item right now?
My Falling for You Soap for Extra Dry Skin followed by the Raspberry Vanilla Soap and Lotion.
Please share your best marketing venue.
Word of mouth.
Besides Etsy, where else can you be found?
I also sell on the Roanoke City Market. Visit my blog for market dates.
What are your goals regarding your business for the next few years?
Just to try to make a little more every year.
Tell one random thing about you that doesn’t involve your craft/business.
I am bipolar and have agoraphobia.
Share a few of your favorite Etsy shops. - For her skin gloss. - For her merino wool socks. - For her awesome teas.
Thanks to Rebecca for sharing! Visit *Rebecca's Soap Delicatessen* today. Keep tuning in for more hot profiles all month long! :)

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Brenda said...

Thank you Rebecca for a wonderful profile! :)