Wednesday, November 12, 2008

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Please join me as I introduce Johanna of *Jo's Goodies.* Just like her shop name, Johanna makes and sells delectable bath and body goodies. Everything in her shop is made with natural ingredients. Believe me, once you try her products, you will become a customer for life, and your body will thank you for it!
What do you make, and what drives your passion for your craft?
I make homemade luxurious bath and body goodies. My passion is driven by each time a customer praises my goodies. It always makes the hard work worth it.
What made you want to take your craft to the next level and sell on Etsy?
Honestly, I haven't been on Etsy long, and actually it was my first step in getting my product "out there" so to speak. I tested on my friends and family, and they all loved it, so I did some research online and came across Etsy, and here I am :)
What is your best seller item right now?
My Organic Oatmeal Goat's Milk Bathing Bar. The greatest compliment to your shower!
Please share your best marketing venue.
Word of mouth.
Besides Etsy, where else can you be found?
I'm mostly on Etsy, and in local craft fairs, the next one will be Dec 20/21 @ the Brooklyn Lyceum.
Tell one random thing about you that doesn’t involve your craft/business.
I'm a baker- in between my career in finance, and my new bath and body business, I can make a heck of a cheesecake :)
What are your goals regarding your business for the next few years?
I'm hoping to expand my Etsy business and hopefully generate enough buzz around NYC to open up my own store front... another goal - to get on Oprah's "favorite things" show :) we can all dream can’t we?
Visit *Jo's Goodies* Today!
Thank you Johanna!
**Stay tuned for more hot profiles all month long**

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Brenda said...

Jo, your profile is great! Thanks a lot for doing it, and thanks for being a good friend! :)