Friday, November 14, 2008

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A Wonderful Seller

Join me, as I introduce Kristi of *zuzu girl.*
Kristi's shop if full of sweet, kid-approved, accessories
for the little princess in your life! Read Kristi's story
and become inspired. I know I did!
What do you make, and what drives your passion for your craft?
Zuzu girl handmade is a small collection of accessories for little princesses. Constructed mostly with yards & yards of beautiful ribbon, silk flowers, tulle, and a glue gun. We sell fairy princess halos, headbands, wands & movement rings. This collection was ignited by the awesome collision of boredom & inspiration. As a new stay at home mom, a former retail merchant, and a work-a-holic, I was longing for a creative outlet. When my daughter Zuzu started coming into her own as a little princess the concept of zuzu girl began to evolve. And it’s still evolving!
What made you want to take your craft to the next level and sell on Etsy?
We were at a ballet class when the teacher handed out plastic shower curtain rings with crumpled gift ribbon tied on to them. This room of two year olds could not have been happier. I looked down at this cheap plastic thing in Zuzu’s hand and said, "I can do this…I can make them beautiful…and little girls everywhere will adore them!" And so, the zuzu girl magical movement ring was born. Once I started creating, I just couldn’t stop. I was making coordinating wands and headbands the very next day. I was already a big fan of Etsy as a buyer and figured…what have I got to lose?
What is your best seller item right now?
Funny, I still have yet to sell a set of movement rings, although I did just get a custom inquiry! The wands are our biggest hit right now.
Please share your best marketing venue.
We’re still a small operation. I market only on Etsy & my personal blog at this point.
Tell one random thing about you that doesn’t involve your craft/business.
I have a sweet tooth like nobody’s business. I LOVE dark chocolate (and I don’t like to share) so I hide it behind the butter in the refrigerator where the kids can’t find it.
Share a few of your favorite Etsy shops.
It’s so hard to narrow down, I find new favorites every day! I adore gigglinggoldfish for kid’s accessories. Lulucoco & Acornbeach for jewelry. And Sweetbeets & Boldandsassy for stationary.
What are your goals regarding your business for the next few years?
Honestly, I’m really just making it up as I go along. I’d like to actually start making a profit but I just can’t seem to stay away from the craft stores. That would help. Over the next six months I’d love to build the Etsy business so that I have a steady flow of on-line customers and build the wholesale business to about six good accounts. I’ve got two kids at home with me so I think that’s about all I can handle on my own right now... but if the business happens to surprise me, well that won’t be such a bad thing.
"Thank you Kristi!"
Visit **zuzu girl** today.
Keep tuning in for more hot profiles all month long! :)


KRISTI said...

thanks so much for featuring zuzu girl...we love what we do and we're so happy to share. go etsy!

Brandi said...

What a great profile!!

And, p.s., I nominated you for a blog award!