Friday, November 28, 2008

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Luna Award

It's black Friday eve, and I've had the most crazy day. I went to bed last night at 10pm (which is very early for me), then tossed and turned and didn't get much sleep, then woke up at 3:45AM! ((SOOO NOT normal for me)) and got ready to go mad shopping at walmart. Walmart, of all places....GAH! But...they had 2 specific items on sale that I needed to get for Christmas. I can't say what they are, cause my son and daughter-in-law might read this, and I can't give it away. Anyhoo....hubby and I had never done the whole black Friday shopping like crazy at friggin 5AM in the morning thing! So, since walmart had some good sales, and we had a lil bit of money in our pockets, we thought, "what the hey." So..we went for it and experienced a first together. Besides, there was no way I was going to walmart at 5AM with mad crazy shoppers without him!!
So now, it's around 11:30ish Friday eve, and I've finally jumped on my computer to hopefully be surprized with a sale or two from my shop, sales today. Instead, I received a happy surprise from my very good friend, Brandi of catiesblue. Not only did she give me a "Luna Award" but, she brightened my spirits and reminded me of the wonderful, sweet, and inspiring friend that she is to me! "Thank You Brandi!"

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SignatureSterling~Untie the Ribbons! said...

Brenda, you are so brave to dare the Black Friday sales, dear!! And so deserving of the Luna Award...check out my blog for another very deserving award that I've given you today! :-) Peace, Sue