Sunday, November 16, 2008

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A Unique Seller

Please join me as I introduce Kristine of *Celtic Knot.*
Kristine has a variety of items in her shop, from earrings
to lucky stars. Read on to learn more about her!

What do you make, and what drives your passion for your craft?
I make earrings, bracelets, necklaces, keychains, bookmarks, wine glass charms, origami lucky stars, and glass pendants & magnets. I absolutely love creating new and unique items, and it's a great way to relax and unwind.
What made you want to take your craft to the next level and sell on Etsy?
I first started making earrings to pass the time when my husband was on a deployment in the United States Navy. I soon received lots of wonderful compliments from friends, family, and strangers alike, and they all encouraged me to try my hand at selling my items. I looked at several different online venues, but as soon as I saw Etsy, I was hooked! This is such a wonderful community with amazingly talented artists, and I'm proud to be a member of that community. I am very grateful for Etsy, for not only have I met countless talented and sweet Etsians, but I am also able to make some money for doing the crafts that I love.

What is your best seller item right now?
My current best selling item is my origami lucky stars. They are so fun to make, and I love finding new and interesting paper to fold.
Please share your best marketing venue.
Word of mouth has been my best marketing tool as of yet, and passing out business cards to friends, family, and customers has definitely helped.
Besides Etsy, where else can you be found?
At the moment, I am only on Etsy at

Share a few of your favorite Etsy shops.
Here are a few Etsy shops that are dear friends, as well as shops that I greatly,,, All of the sweet sellers at the HUG thread:
Tell one random thing about you that doesn’t involve your craft/business.
I have an elf ear.
What are your goals regarding your business for the next few years?
In the next few years, I hope to have vastly improved my photography, and I hope to have some items in local shops.
Thank you Kristine!
Visit **Celtic Knot** today!


Sarah Jane said...

I love CelticKnot! My sister has a pair of her Rainbow Helix earrings, and she *adores* them. :) We bought some of her lucky stars as gifts for friends, and they're over the moon with them!

One of the best sellers on Etsy! :D

juliaa said...

good to see celticknot featured! i love that green and blue pendant, and the stars. :)

Jennie said...

It was so interesting to read more about you, Kristine! It was also super nice of you to mention your hugger frineds- you know the hug wouldn't be the same without you! Now I must investigate- I've never heard of an elf ear!!!